Volleys of Light and Shadow

for fl, 2 clns, bsn, 2 tpts, tbn, 2 perc, 2 vlns, vla, vc, bass and electronic sound

Volleys of Light and Shadow revolves around exchanges of energy between contrasting forces: the acoustic and the electronic, the seen and the unseen, the tangible and the mysterious, the tethered and the unleashed. A kind of repetitive and slowly-evolving canon is created between gestures iterated by the ensemble and the spatialized computer sound. While these canons often create a dialogue that evolves gradually and somewhat logically, the overarching formal design focuses on connecting improbable and unlikely endpoints. Thus, as the piece progresses, that which stabilises gives way to movement, that which commands attention subsequently disintegrates, and that which behaves becomes wild and unwieldy. These contradictions create a listening experience cloaked in fog, as objects which seem present are revealed to be mere shadows.


Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain: Fabrice Jünger, flute; Hervé Cligniez & Christophe Lac, clarinets; Laurent Apruzzese, bassoon; Gilles Peseyre & Didier Martin, trumpets; Marc Gadave, trombone; Claudio Bettinelli & Roméo Monteiro, percussion; Gaël Rassaert & Céline Lagoutière, violins; Brice Duval, viola; Valérie Dulac, cello; Michaël Chanu, bass; Roland Meillier, clavier; Daniel Kawka, conductor., 2014

Score Samples