Lines of Communication

for violin, piano, trumpet and electronics

All of the electronic sounds in Lines of Communication are made with samples taken from each of the three instrumentalists. This premise encapsulates much of what I have been thinking about compositionally for the past few years. Not necessarily using computers to create 'new' sounds, but rather to extend the sonic resources of an instrument. Refining these ideas has led me to coordinate the computer part so that it changes sound sources based on the acoustic activity - instrumental gestures 'stimulate' the electronic result. I feel as though pairing the acoustic and electronic elements in this way produces music that sounds live - even though half is live and the other half pre-made. In Lines of Communication, the drama that results from this carefully coordinated dialogue is the main force that propels the piece forward.


Credits: Courtney Orlando, violin; Jason Price, trumpet; Omri Shimron, piano., 2006