The AudioGuide Tutorial

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The 5-part AudioGuide video tutorial series gives a comprehensive overview of using the program, including a walkthrough on installing AudioGuide and an overview of how the program works: learning how to segment corpus and target soundfiles, learning how to assemble and pre-process a corpus, finding out how to use the SEARCH variable to control how the target is translated into corpus sounds, learning about controlling density and corpus sound layering, and how to integrate AudioGuide's output into your musical workflow.

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Tutorial 1 - Installation and Segmentation

Tutorial 2 - Working with the Corpus

Tutorial 3 - Descriptors and Matching

Tutorial 4 - Density and Polyphony

Tutorial 5 - Working with the Output

New Features

New in 1.74 - Making Acoustic Scores

Audioguide lets you create playable, idiomatic instrumental parts with the score() and instr() objects. See the tutorial page with downloadable examples here.

New in 1.7 - Logic/Pro Tools output (6:27)

AudioGuide now supports the creation of Advanced Authoring Format (.aaf) output files, letting you open and edit sound concatenations in Logic or Protools. For this to work, you must install the python module pyaaf2.

New in 1.6 - Interactive Mode (4:23)

Interactive Mode lets you launch once, then tweak the options file to quickly audition the results.